Golden Kobold wouldn’t exist without the help and support of its incredible community and the efforts of our amazing judges who help us plan and execute Golden Kobold. Thank You!

Drew Dresher (USA): Drew has been painting professionally and competitively for the last 12 years.  He was introduced to Chibi miniatures by a fellow artist and began painting them as a ‘palate cleanser’ from the skull-encrusted grimdark of his normal work.  He operates a modest studio catering to private collectors and companies such as Ninja Division, Pandsaurus Games, and CMoN. Drew can be found under his given name on Facebook or on Instagram and Reddit under his handle Aegis_Arising.

Audrey Col (France): Audrey started mini painting in early 2016 when she bought Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King at a gaming convention. Since then, she’s been enthusiastic at painting colorful chibi and using bright colors wherever she can. She likes to experiment, test the next techniques, new tools. She believes in building communities around this hobby that we enjoy. She also believes that one day, she will paint all of the models she has and will have nice shelves in her home. See more of Audrey’s work at Millenia & Minis and on Instagram @millenia_minis

Philip O’Connor (Australia): Phil is a person living in Australia where he endeavors daily to avoid death by venomous snakes. Phil has several local painting competition titles under his belt and a crippling dependency on avocado toast. A hobbyist more than a gamer, Phil has painted miniatures for well over 20 years. His philosophy towards miniature games is problematic, with a strong preference for putting models on the table that looks nice together over ones that win games, the experience of finding yourself across the table from Phil at a tournament has been described as similar to that of taking candy from a small child. Phil has lost games of Warmachine, Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, X-Wing and more, giving credence to the adage that when you set your mind to it, you can fail at almost anything. Phil is probably best known for being the less-talented husband of Sydney-based painting phenomenon Aella13, with whom he’s been painting through the entire Super Dungeon Explore range of miniatures.

Yeji Kim (USA): Yeji Kim is an award-winning miniature painter with a specialty in the realm of Chibis and focuses on using bright, bold colors. She has been painting since 2011 and became a commissioned artist by name of Snickernack Studios in 2015. She is the co-founder of Models Workshop and a host of the popular painting podcast, Models Workshop After Hours. Yeji is a passionate enabler for all things mini related, has been teaching miniature painting at the convention level since 2016 and has judged for competitions at conventions such as GenCon and IPMS shows.

Drew Olds (USA): Drew Olds has been painting miniatures for over a quarter-century, and has been painting professionally for over a decade at Garden Ninja Studios.  He has won trophies and gold medals from painting competitions at Gencon and Reapercon, and is one of Gencon’s “Aces.” Since the first release of Super Dungeon Explore, Drew has been increasingly obsessed with chibi miniatures, going so far as to customize whole chibi sets for games like Kingdom Death and Gloomhaven. See Drew’s work at Garden Ninja Studios.

Rachel Frost (USA): Rachel has been painting miniatures since 2011, and opened her own studio, Stardust Miniatures, in 2017. She loves painting everything but specializes in chibi models. You can find her work on Facebook, Instagram, or on her website Stardust Miniatures.